• Denis Evans
  • Action
  • Indie
  • Early Access

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Welcome to (for now, my playable test level demo of) ICARUS! - Love letter to my favourite shoot-em-ups of the 16-bit / 32-bit era!...

It's a side (and possibly 45 degree and vertically, later on) scrolling, classic shoot-em-up - a homage to the classic shoot-em-ups!...

Currently early in development, but I already have a big chunk of a test level to try!

Also features a SUPERB chip-inspired music track - "My Pixels Are Weapons", very kindly given permission for me for use in the game by the very talented "!Cube" on Soundcloud ...Awesome guy! - check out his stuff on there if you like the track! :D

Controls are Joypad or Cursor keys - Keys are (and are re-definable!):-

"Z" = Fire Shot/Missile (2 max at once each, per player / drones)
"X" = Launch Bomb (2 max at once each, per player / drones)
"A" = Charge Beam (or FIRE if set to auto-charge!)

"C" or Left Shoulder Button = Speed DOWN (minimum 1)
"V" or Right Shoulder Button = Speed UP (maximum 5)

"ESC" =Restart level / exit menu.


  • HUGE, vertically panning, side scrolling levels
  • Superb chip/demo-inspired music track from !Cube
  • Many target and alien types
  • Collectibles and drones to help you in your fight
  • BIG throughout-level and end-level bosses, with different attacks, difficulties and optional bonus timers / deadlines!
  • Weapon and Power-Up collectables!
  • Secrets! (and secret collectibles / areas / routes through a level)
  • FIVE difficulty levels, and plenty of gameplay options - including an old-skool fuel depletion mode - keep it topped up!
  • FIVE on-the-fly changeable ship speeds, to make traversing tighter sections easier, or for escaping a tight spot!
  • Multiple speed smooooooth scrolling (with heads-up warnings on speed changes!), and dynamic zooming of the level based on the scrolling speed (think NeoGeo era!)
  • Classic, immersive multiple level parallax scrolling!
  • Limited, re-fillable 'reverse' (scrolling) charge, for when you've just missed a goodie and need to back-track!

Gameplay recording (work in progress) in the preview demo 'almost' works flawlessly at the moment, but need to tweak more random stuff to well, be pseudo-random, so it doesn't mess the 'playback' up... :D )

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