Graveyard Spells

  • SeedWall
  • Action
  • Indie
  • Casual

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This game is an action game which combines elements of classic retro-shooter and low poly style.
FAST FPS inspired by 90s games
You play as a vampire who will have to survive waves of enemies, with a cemetery as a backdrop.
Fight by casting spells.

  • A variety of spells at your disposal
  • Various enemies, melee, ranged, with their own abilities
  • The enemies arrive in waves, and in the very last wave there will be a boss
  • A survival mode to challenge you with infinite spawn
  • Bonuses to collect on the map
  • A cemetery atmosphere
  • Fluid Movement
  • Controller supported once in game [/]

    Graveyard Spells an experience from beyond the grave

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