Go Fetch!

  • Cavemen Games
  • Casual

Game online


A wild ride! Grab some friends and play Go Fetch! using your favorite video chat app! Take turns being the judge 👨‍⚖️ and dishing out prompts!

When the judge says "Go Fetch!" everyone else has to find something in their home or office environment matching the prompt! Extra points are awarded for bringing back items quickly or meeting the prompt in a creative way! 🎉🥳

At least three people are needed to play, but only one actually needs to own a copy of the game! It's fit for all ages 👶 - isn't that just great!?

Turn on rewards and hand out prizes every time someone scores enough points! The prizes can be candy, soda pop, raffle tickets, or whatever else your heart desires! 🍬 Get creative with it!

Well, what are you waiting for??? Go Fetch!!! 🐾

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