Glory of Rome

  • Simon Codrington
  • Strategy
  • Indie

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Glory of Rome is a grand city builder set in the peak of the Roman Empire. Your appointment from the Senate is to create, manage and expand settlements to further the reaches of glorious Rome.

You'll take on the role of a city administrator. You'll manage resources, industries, and the needs of your citizens to create a flourishing society. With multiple types of citizens and industries, you'll have to balance each of their needs to ensure your city thrives.

Across the Roman Empire

Rome's reach is vast and so is the work required. Play across 3 campaigns with dozens of scenarios, unlocking more challenging appointments as you progress. You'll manage settlements all the way from the heart of Italy to Africa, Gaul and beyond. Each of the scenarios sends you across the land, with their own unique layout, design, resources and personality. It's up to you to tame these lands and bring glory to the Empire.

Roman Glory

In the heartland of Italy you'll take on the role of a new administrator. It's your task from the Senate to create thriving settlements, complex industries and expand the glory of the Empire via growth and development. Across 12 scenarios you'll support the needs of your Roman citizens and encourage their development to create grand cities worthy of the Empire.

The African Kingdom

Far away in the lands of Africa you'll create powerful villages and robust trading ecosystems. Taking charge of regional development, you will work with both the African locals and your Roman citizens to create unique trade goods and resources the Empire demands. This challenging appointment, set across 10 scenarios will see you test your skills, requiring you to balance the needs of the locals with that of the Senate.

Tribes of Gaul

The Gaulish lands are harsh and challenging. it's up to you as the new administrator to foster a relationship of mutual support. The Gaulish campaign will see you play across 8 scenarios, each of which will test your skills in resource generation, financial management and support of both your local and Roman citizens.

Expand, Grow, Thrive

You'll undertake multiple appointments from the Senate, each one with their own unique challenges and gameplay styles. Each mission is different, requiring you to satisfy the needs of the Senate, from creating certain structures, expanding your residential dwellings or growing your population.

As you prove your worth to the Senate, more complex paths open before you, expanding your possibilities of your city management. Complete dozens of unique scenarios across three campaigns. Demonstrate your planning and management skills to create thriving rich settlements.

Resources Management & Balance

Creating resources and balancing requirements are fundamental to the growth and development of your settlements. Each citizen, industry and business has their own needs and requirements. It's up to you as the administrator to balance these needs to ensure goods flow all across the city. You'll create a wide variety of resources from agricultural products, minerals, trade goods and everything else in-between to see your settlement flourish.

With dozens of resources across multiple cultures, you'll need to establish thriving industrial sectors to create the range of goods your people and the Senate desires. It takes a skilled administrator to balance the interconnected requirements of each settlement. It's up to you to create grand industries, thriving population centers and to provide for the needs of your people.

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