Football Bus Battle 2021

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Oh no… The rival team has stolen the Football Cup even before the tournament has started. The teams have deprived you of the big win. It is up to you give chase, hunt down the thieves and claim victory for your Euro nation!

This funny high-octane racing game will put you behind the wheel of a national team’s player bus. The game is controlled with intuitive controls, but you will need to keep your head together to navigate through heavy traffic. Home in on the rival’s team national anthem and collect precious footballs along the way. Catch up to the enemy coach and ram it from the road to become your nation’s super hero and win the championship!

Fair play?
With each successful bus takedown money is earned which can be used to upgrade your national team’s coach. The bus can be upgraded with a heavily armoured reinforced grille to increase vitality, crash resilience and ramming effectiveness, while aerodynamic upgrades will improve the vehicles’ handling and top speed. Credit will give you the opportunity to upgrade your bus and rule the city!

Put enough money on the table
Other customisation options include adapting the carriages’ rims and colours. Furthermore, it is possible to add and change some neat neon lighting underneath your bus. Score enough soccer team busses to become the 2021 Football Bus Battle Champion!

This Football inspired game has all the teams you need! Lose your karma and give your opponent the penalty it deserves. Destroy them all, rule the pitch! Be a legend and remember it is the results that count!

While a keyboard and gamepad are supported, this game is fully playable with just a Mouse!

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