Firing Vibes

  • BBG
  • Action
  • Indie

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Firing Vibes is a 2 vs 2 multiplayer FPS that combines heavy vertical gameplay with a little bit of rhythm.

Instead of classical weapons like assault or sniper rifles in Firing Vibes you choose a melody. And each melody provides a unique damage pattern. Some melodies are quicker or slower in their rhythm, that leads to different types of gameplay.

Set in a minimalistic Scifi world. Your character has two special skills which allow to go about everywhere and master the fully vertical environment. The first one is a unique climbing ability enabling you to move on walls as easily as if you were on the ground. The second is the ability to spawn cubes and walls and create new pathways.


  • Team based Online Multiplayer

  • Shoot with music - Your only weapons are music based lasers.

  • Create news pathways - Spawning or destroying cubes helps you to move through the level in new and interesting ways.

  • Climb everywhere - Your climbing ability combined with the cubes you can place make you free to go about everywhere you want.

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