Farm&Fix 2020

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Player will be able to buy old, destroyed farm and after restoring it for use, resell it for a profit.
In the game we will be able to renovate old and destroyed buildings but also fix and service farming machines and vehicles.

Farm&Fix 2020 it's a new farming simulator with three main unique features:
- Fix & Service Farm Machines & Vehicles
- Fix & Renovate Farm Buildings
- Farm & Harvest to sell with profit

Fix & Service Farm Machines & Vehicles
- 10 different kind of machines and vehicles to fix
- 1000 parts to repair
- stores with new and used parts
- mechanic economy and strategy

Fix & Renovate Farm Buildings
- 10 different kind of buildings to renovate
- 1000 elements to renavate
- stores with new and used elements
- economy of buildings

Farm & Harvest to sell with profit
- 4 different works on fields
- 3 different types of fields
- special machines and vehicles
- agro economy of fields

Main features:
- Fix & Service farming machines and vehicles
- Renovate old and destroyed farm buildings
- Farm & Harvest crops to sell with profit
- Open World
- Special skills
- Day&Night System
- Weather System
- Disasters and Accidents
- Many farming machines and vehicles with real physics, components and fixable parts
- Mechanic tools
- Farming tools
- Renovation tools

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