Emote Farming Simulator - With Twitch Integration

  • May May Interactive
  • Simulation
  • Early Access

Game online


Play scuffed games and react to unoriginal video while degenerates in your chatroom make fun of you and react to what you say.

Key Features:
  • Farm emotes with your voice - 40 emotes for you to farm to your heart's content!
  • TTS message - Listen to TTS message sent by the degenerates in your chatroom while you play!
  • React to video - Watch video and react to them with your voice!

Twitch Integration

Enable these emotes on some third-party thing website and transform your chat!

Twitch chatters will see their messages appear in game if they use any of these emotes.

Play Scuffed Games

Five games within the simulator for you to play and get made fun of by your chat!
  • Stream Snipers' Battleground - Eliminate all chubby cheek stream snipers and move to the high ground on a sinking island!
  • Floor = Lava - A 3D platformer where you run and jump to the end to of line while avoiding falling into lava!
  • Jumped: Episode 1 - A horror game that makes you jump in real life!
  • Bounce King - A 2D platformer where your goal is to bounce to the tippy top!
  • Chess - An ancient board game

Chat-only Mode

Farm emotes while you play other games, watch videos or anything else

Disclaimer: The game is being made by only one person and I only work on the game part-time.

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