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EMERGENCY Classics brings back EMERGENCY 2, the last fully 2D EMERGENCY title from 2002. Now finally playable on modern systems again! EMERGENCY 2 features many of the most iconic missions in the history of the franchise and improved on the formula of the first game. In many ways the success of the series was down to the innovations and gameplay brought to the table by EMERGENCY 2

As the commander of the emergency services, you must control your team of rescue staff and vehicles, including police, K-9 unit, fire and ambulance services. Infiltrate traffic pile-ups, contain nuclear power plant meltdowns, rush victims to safety and even extinguish raging forest fires amongst other life threatening situations. Let police psychologists negotiate with extortionists and let sharpshooters do their job…

  • Real-time strategy in isometric landscape
  • Combined night and weather effects
  • 25 pulse-pounding and ultra-realistic scenarios from Simple Accidents to Catastrophes
  • More than 20 different fire units with firefighting planes and NBC-Units
  • More than 10 different rescue units with helicopters and search and K-9 units
  • More than 10 different police units with special forces and psychologists
  • 25 videos on the missions
  • Dynamic change in time of day for maximum realism
  • Fully accessible buildings

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