Eat'n Eaten

  • GaĆ«tan Benoit
  • Strategy
  • Indie

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Grow your greendom, balance preys and predators, try to maintain the food chain until you annihilate the very last invader!

Grow Your Ecosystem
Creatures spawn from plants. The more you nourish a plant, the stronger the predator breeding from it. Plants eat delicious soil nutrients you can gather by decomposing corpses and living organisms.

Balance Preys and Predators
Plants and creatures need to eat in order to survive. You need to maintain a complete food chain as your organisms keep evolving and breeding.

Defeat Fearsome Warrior Invaders
Waves of enemies arise and spread chaos, throwing off the balance of your ecosystem. Use your creatures mighty abilities to overpower them!

Grow Bigger and Stronger
The corpses of defeated enemies increase the number of nutrients in your ecosystem. Grow your plants bigger to spawn even more powerful predators. Favor the rise of advantageous evolution traits to overcome stronger warriors!

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