Deluge: Threnody of Crashing Waves

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This village used to be an island.
There in the distance, where the acres begin, tumultuous waves would crash up against it's sandy shores.

Abe never chose to come to Abbotsford. The village glows in a rural backwardness that fills him with a lingering dread. Soon however, things begin to look up, as he is hired as a delivery boy by Ina, the headstrong editor-in-chief for the school paper.

Before long Abe and Ina begin to uncover unsettling details about Abbotsford's past, including the mysterious evacuation of over half the island's populace. Gradually, they become caught up in an intricate web of political corruption, organized crime, and a highly secretive local church.

Deluge: Threnody of Crashing Waves is a mysterious visual novel with psychological and lovecraftian undertones.



Put your hand on these stones. Can you feel their calming warmth?

For obscure reasons Mei doesn't go to school. She can often be found wandering among the giant megaliths that where erected on the island during the late Neolithic. Recently she's been having nightmares about her little brother.


The Leviathan must be melancholy, coiling all alone through pitch black depths.

Descending from a long line of reformed preachers, Rika is well grounded both socially and spiritually. Lately, however, she has become captivated by an intense longing for the sea. Her father is the leader of the secretive Kuyper faction in the Abbotsford city council.


Scandal, crime, corruption — small town politics are a cesspool of human depravity.

Ina is strong headed and determined. Having recently taken over as chief editor of the Sunday Abbot, she is dedicated to turn the nameless tabloid into a hallmark of investigative journalism. Soon however, her inquiry into local political affairs stirs up a force that is better left untouched.


Deluge: Threnody of Crashing Waves is an interactive visual novel. By developing your relationship with the protagonists, the player can unlock that character's endgame. Each endgame can result in a good or bad ending, for a total of 6 different endings. We are planning to release Deluge in early access by the end of 2021. Full release will be in Spring 2022.

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