Deep Rest

  • Aza Game Studio
  • Indie
  • Adventure

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Deep Rest is a psychological adventure horror game, with focus on storytelling both direct and indirect. Combining the interactivity of the adventure genre, with aspects of different genres and mixing it with unique mechanics. You will have the ability to make dramatic changes in the story. You play a lost girl who took her own life, after suffering the sudden tragedy of her mother going into coma. Upon awakening she finds herself stuck. Faced with the ever changing surrealistic world of Deadwood. Engulfed by the mysterious forest that keeps changing shape and form. You will encounter different characters and entities, as you progress into Deadwood.
Figure out why you are stuck here, and what has happened to your mother. Did you take your own life for nothing?

• Story rich gameplay
• Smooth platformer controls
• Point and click interaction system
• 7 chapters in the full game + bonus content
• Reverse time mechanic, slice 2D objects with spirit energy, paranormal events
• Replayability - chapters are unlocked and can be replayed
• Secrets and secret areas
• Advanced multiple choice Q/A dialogue system that changes the story
• Multiple different endings to the game
• High quality SFX and ambiance/music made by composers.
• Original soundtrack created by Chris Wirtz
• Custom input support & advanced settings

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