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CyberTown - Is an inter-planetary colonization in which we build new cybernetic cities. Take part in an inter-planetary war for a new world. Create your own cities, colonize new planets. Explore the world, collect resources and build your own cities.

Explore the new world where you are looking for a new planet for your community. Colonize the world. Research, collect new resources that can be used to build cities. Fight with Mother Nature and other challenges.

Create new cities, expand them. Take care of the economy of your city and its citizens. Strikes and uprisings await you while you run your own city. Enemy attacks and ambushes, silencing of units unfavorable to your power. You decide how to act.

Create your army, expand it so it can protect its citizens. Build your own air fleet which you will use in combat.

Protect your cities. Fight the other side of the barricade. Use technological and information novelties during combat to surprise the enemy.

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