Cyber Noah

  • Dmitriy Synich
  • Action
  • Indie
  • RPG
  • Casual

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The incredible story of the formation of artificial intelligence. The travel from the moment of birth, through awareness to your own destiny closely intertwined the fates of other characters. They help him, train him, instruct him, and persuade him to their side. Any case, the decision is always yours.

Missions and story are integrated with each other and form a single whole. At first glance this is a classic arcade game. But in fact, it is reinforced by deep roleplay elements. A lot of tactical customizations, as well as unique features, make the gameplay convenient, exciting and unique.

  • A stunning mix of genres. Never before have Arcades been so well-developed in the storyline.

  • Intelligent gaming. Say NO to primitivism in games. Say YES to a deep story that invites reflection and thoughtful immersion.

  • Authentic style. Most insignificant details, had worked out allows to feel you a participant in an extraordinary scientific experiment.

  • The fascinating interactive narrative lasting 5 chapters and over 100 dialogue missions. Player's influence on the game world, makes each playthrough original in content.

  • Variety of levels. More than 50 game missions. The regular "Break all the blocks". A tangled "Maze". Tactical "Outpost". And many others, including non-standard bonus missions.

  • The living world. Each decision has consequences and will remind of itself, which will lead to 16 main endings, 40 character endings, or secret endings.

  • Character building. Story choices affect the opinion of the character. Who to be? A Human Pacifist? Or An Ardent Militarist? 4 character branches with the possibility of development in 8 directions.

  • Customization options. The roleplay model allows you to use Modifications and Upgrades to create a set of personal convenient strategies for completing missions.

  • Unique Bosses. Intriguing challenges will face extraordinary entities, to defeat one you need to find the right strategy.

  • Arcade mode. Alternative to the Story Mode. Only gameplay, only action, only missions.

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