CubeHook VR

  • Arcarve Studio
  • Indie
  • Casual
  • Sports

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Jump into the most awesome , fun and relaxing VR game you've ever encountered.
With beautiful maps and ingame addictive puzzle, Cubehook is an Arcade style game where you shoot numeral cubes into each other in order to combine them and unlocking new awesome maps.

Our Awesome Features

  • Shooting - Blast numeral cubes into each other
  • Achieving - Unlock new maps by gaining as much score as possible
  • Mesmerizing - Be amazed by our beautiful maps

CubeHook inspiration

We took 3 most important elements and combined them together to create you this awesome game:
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Playfulness
We thought to bring something that was easy, fun and addictive to play for many types of gamers.
Whether you are an achiever trying to gain as much score and unlock new maps or just want to relax in the beautiful environment after hard day and want to do simple tasks to reset your mind and at the same time doing some kind of movement and activity.

So Enjoy our game!

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