Crime Cities

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25th century, Pandemia System. Law and order have been swallowed by a tidal wave of crime and terror. After its top man disappears while trying to infiltrate the criminal underworld, the Human Federation sends in another undercover agent, Garm Tiger, disguised as a convict in one of Pandemia’s prison cities.

Revisit Crime Cities, a revolutionary cross between a shooter and a futuristic vehicle simulator, originally published in 2000. Immerse yourself in the dense atmosphere of a grim future, as you follow a complex plot and complete a variety of deadly, unpredictable missions. You’ll quickly realize that speeding in a futuristic vehicle through a city of myriad skyscrapers is the easy part of the job.

  • Total freedom of movement in a 3D environment
  • Fast-paced tactical gameplay
  • Over 100 branching missions
  • 50 unique futuristic vehicles to choose from, each with a wide array of modifications
  • More than 20 different weapons
  • 4 distinct cities
  • Varied enemy AI

Please note, multiplayer mode is not supported anymore.

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