Chilli Con Valley

  • Knesti
  • Indie
  • Adventure
  • Free to Play

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What is Chilli con Valley?
Chilli con Valley is a game in which you control a Bean. This Bean needs to reach its chilli con Carne pot as fast as possible in order to get a new best time. The game features multiple levels with a very interesting and nice graphic. You can also discover new and unknown ways to solve a new level as fast as possible.

Being the fastest
This game is created to solve different parcourse as fast as possible. There are no rules to win and finish a certain map. But this is not the only thing you can be good at!

In game Currency
During playing this game you can collect coins that are placed all over the different maps. This currency is called Knesti Tech Coins, named after the very famous Youtuber Knesti Tech! So, try to collect as many coins as possible to have a full wallet!

What can you do with the in game money?
You can buy different things like new maps, which get expensive, and you can also buy very cool dances.

Buying Dances
You can buy very cool Dances just like the chicken dance, Gangnam style dance and six additional others. This is very funny and changeable for a nice Game Play.

Main Character
The main character is a very sweet bean that tries to reach its chilli con carne pot in order to make the great bean king happy. So help the poor little bean make this possible.

User interface
This game is designed to be easy to learn but also hard to master. You just need a working keyboard and mouse to get this game fully working.

This game was inspired by a Beans tin can that I found in the basement. The game took me 5 month to develop and I finished it in the age of 16. So do not be too strictly if you think you could have done it better!

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