Café Rouge

  • Sonya Fung
  • Simulation

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Isis Black, your average American teenager, happens upon a part time job opening at Café Rouge. During the day, it is your normal quaint cafe and bakery. When night takes over, it is transformed into a five star restaurant theater cafe, with live stage performances and mysterious customers coming in the middle of the night.

As Isis delves deeper into this strange cafe, she becomes tangled in the mystery of its haunted world. Will she find friend or foe? Will she follow fate or make her own destiny? Will she find love?

That's for you to decide.


  • 3+ Pursue-able male love interests
  • Customizable name for main character (default is Isis Black)
  • 12 Side characters
  • Original art and story
  • Same beautiful original sound track like in the original 2012 game
  • 7+ Hours of gameplay
  • 40+ CG illustrations
  • No annoying cooking mini games (I'm taking them out of this remake)
  • Completely new character designs (Isis will no longer have green hair)

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