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Do you want to be the best in your favorite game? Never stop training!

  • C-4 enhances players' skills making them superior to their opponents;
  • You don't need to leave your favorite game to practice with it;
  • Runs on top of any game using "Full Screen Windowed" mode;
  • Can be minimized anytime by pressing "Esc".

  • Launch C-4 and then your favorite game;

    (favorite game should be in "Full Screen Windowed" mode)

  • Enable "Play Audio When Game In Background" in your favorite game;

    (enable developer console and type snd_mute_losefocus #)

  • Increase the background FPS limit of your favorite game;

    (enable developer console and type engine_no_focus_sleep 0)

  • C-4 has no impact on the players' performance, nor record data or tamper with game settings files.

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