Bouncy Goat Climb

  • Jesper Bergman
  • Indie
  • Adventure
  • Free to Play

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Bouncy Goat Climb is a highly punishing 3D precision platformer about a goat bouncing up a beautiful mountain to save its scared baby goat. This is a short and sweet game for those of you that love pain and frustration.

Control the goat!
Rotate and angle the goat with the mouse. The goat will bounce in the direction that it is rotated towards.

Reach the top!
Bounce your way up the dangerous mountain to save your baby as quick as possible.

Fail over and over again!
You will face many fallbacks but you can always bounce back up.

This is a difficult and frustrating game that most players will find horrible and rage-inducing.
Can you handle the challenge and endure all obstacles that you will face on your way up the mountain?

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