Board Game Engine

  • Omnibox Games Ltd
  • Indie
  • Casual
  • Simulation
  • Early Access

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The Board Game Engine was built with game developers in mind as a tool for designing and prototyping your very own tabletop games with as much freedom as possible.

Free to Play

Play your favorite games or playtest upcoming titles for free! Pay only for the Editor.

Game Editor

A detailed game editor for creating your final prototypes. Everything you need to make your games can be found in the Game Editor, though dedicated editors are planned for all components. Load games into sessions to play your game while preserving the original save.

Versioning Support

All save types have versioning support, so you can switch between different versions of any type of save, even down to individual components.

Deck Editor

A dedicated deck editor, pulling together all saved cards into one simple UI for constructing decks.

Steam Workshop Support

Upload and download creations on the Steam Workshop. Free to play users can download from the Workshop too!

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