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Blazend is a sci-fi shoot 'em up that harkens back to an older period of space shooter games from the 90's. It is strictly meant to be a classic experience without putting a big emphasis to the amount of bullets on screen. It is meant to deliver a similar experience to early shmups seen in arcades. That's not to say it doesn't take inspiration from the bullet hell genre as well!

Story Synopsis:

In Blazend you play as a hero setting out to clear some space debris in the orbit of your home planet, Vestroia. Unfortunately, all is not as it seems, as the debris begins attacking the hero! On closer inspection, it appears to be strange alien life-form that originated from a deeper part of space. The origin and the motive of the attack is unknown. You are the planets only hope; using your skills as a pilot, progress through the story fighting various enemies and bosses in this classic shoot-em up style game!

What You Can Expect:

  • 7 levels with unique themes, ranging from space colonies to large celestial bodies
  • A complete story from start to finish
  • In-game achievements
  • Variety of difficulty levels welcoming novice player
  • Customizable bullet colors and video modes (CRT and RETRO)

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