Beast Crimes

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  • Adventure
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"A mysterious food poisoning happens at the towns local coffee shop. However when this also occurs at a restaurant nearby could this really be a coincidence? Or is it someone behind these death cases?"


"It's exactly 1 year ago since Sasha's girlfriend Paz throw herself in front of a train. However a secret witness tells Sasha it wasn't a accident, it was someone who pushed her. It seems the true reason behind Paz's death turns out to be something else. . ."

--BOMBASTIC BARRAGE-- (To be coming 2022)

"Tick. . . Tock. . . Bam. Several years ago Bion's mother died in a bombing. Now Bion is following his mother's footstep and has become a bomb technician. However the truth behind his mother death might be better to not solve."

--Story DLC's-- (To Be Announced)

♣ Supports keyboard & game controller
♣ Solve the mysterious case and find the cultprint
♣ Keep track of all characters with the journal
♣ Clues and items will be added to the inventory
♣ Several endings depending on your choices
♣ Investigate different crimes scene across the city

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