• KadeDev Team
  • Massively Multiplayer
  • Casual

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Average4K is a Rhythm Game inspired by other four key rhythm games like Stepmania (Etterna), Quaver, and Osu! that allows you to play almost any chart format with your friends in an instant, you'll be able to drag and drop your folders and immediately play with an insanely customizable experience. Average4K is a casual multiplayer focused rhythm game with the goal of being as customizable, and as player friendly as possible.

Average4K allows you to use, .osu (.osz), .sm, and .qua (.qp) files as charts. You can simply just drag them into your chart folder, or if it is an .osz or .qp file you can just drag it onto the window and it will automatically add the chart.

Customization options include setting scroll speeds, scroll directions, modifiers (Like rates, no held notes, mirror, etc), gameplay scoring, and hit windows. Average4K lets you customize almost everything in the game to your liking, if you don't like it. Then change it!

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