American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley

  • Stefan Kelnberger
  • Indie
  • Simulation

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American Railroads - Summit River and Pine Valley" is a first person railroad simulation

Set in the steam era, at the turn of the 19th century the core game focuses expanding your transportation business.
Load and handle freight, build your own railroad tracks or steer and maintain your vehicles while maximizing your profits.

The game includes a variety of highly detailed and fully animated vehicles with realistic sound and behavior. Gauges, bars, levers, etc. are all interactive!

Built with the latest version of the Unity Game engine, the physics system accurately simulates the behavior of all locomotives, cars and freight just like in the real world!
Post processing effects like vignetting and depth of field really make your rolling stock stand out.

So grab some pieces of firewood, toss them in the boiler and set your throttle to full steam!

Core features

    - Realistic transportation of logs along a scenic route

    - Fully steerable, kinematically simulated locomotives with working Stephenson valve gear, rods, pistons, axles, bell etc.

    - Interactable tender, cars and crane with firewood, freight and accessories

    - Interactable switches, turntables and track

    - Realistic vehicle sounds and particles

    - 10 track audio soundtrack

    - This never was, is or will be an Early Access title. It was launched in 2018 as a full title

    - The successor to this game is called "RAILROADS Online!" It was built from ground up in the Unreal Engine 4 to be suited specifically for multiplayer. The multiplayer feature was the no. 1 wish of the community but could not be achieved in the Unity Engine, hence it got a separate game: "Railroads Online!" is availabe on Steam on 1st October 2021

    - This was my first game ever. You may encounter bugs. Please be gentle in the reviews ^^ Thank you and have fun!

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