3C Wonderland Coaster

  • Ojas VR Studios
  • Action
  • Adventure

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“The 3C Wonderland undoubtedly provides the best adventure ride!
Hop in, ride & experience wonderland attractions.
If you’re a VR game lover, you must enjoy this coaster game madness.”

Exciting Wonderland Attractions
Experience mind-boggling journey to be “King of Wonderland” Pop colorful balloons, crush lip-smacking candies and shot evil creatures to come out a valiant king
Turn rags from riches in a wonderland filled with chocolate rivers, hills of candies and explore never-seen-before lands.
Enter the realistic 3D world to enjoy the utmost thrilling experience!

Experience Roller Coaster Madness
Your poor life can get changed and you can become a king by crushing candies and other evil creatures. Face all the challenges moving in a roller coaster while making sharp turns and whiz through the stomach-turn sky.

Chase the Adrenaline Rush
Crush every candy and creatures to score more, as they haunt you from everywhere. The lands will take you to breathtaking journey with 3D graphics.

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