360 No Scope Arena

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NOTE: 360 No Scope Arena only supports private online matches of 2-10 players, and requires a solid internet connection to play. If you are looking for players, please check out the unofficial discord server. See feature list and system requirements below for more details.

Game Description

360 No Scope Arena is an online multiplayer shooter with a twist: you have to spin around before you can shoot your gun. Every kill is a "360 No Scope" in this arena. Every shot is a trick shot. This game is very difficult, and rewards pure aiming skill above all else.

Pro Tips

  • As they tell ballet dancers who are learning to do pirouettes, try to focus your eyes on a single monument on the horizon.
  • Dial in your mouse sensitivity to perfection in the escape menu, and then learn the muscle memory of how much you need to physically move your mouse to do a quick, clean 360.


  • You play as a clone soldier named Anna, who was created using the combined DNA of thousands of famous ballerinas and elite snipers. In the future, the 360 No Scope Arena is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and every night the world watches these graceful clones pirouette and murder each other on live TV.


  • 2-10 player online deathmatch (private matches only)
  • Dedicated servers for private matches all over the world (US East, US West, South America, Europe, Russia, Asia, India, Japan, Korea, Australia)
  • A scope that you're not allowed to use
  • One map
  • One gun
  • The one true test of gaming skill

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