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What kind of work is this?

"2021" is an interesting and innovative small game, simple operation, just use 4 digital keys to control the ball, think carefully, make a reasonable jump in a random scene, reach the end to finish the game.Tired of playing big works, you might as well calm down to enjoy this different small game.

How to play games to save more money?

The standard price of the game is $0.99, which is reduced to $0.59 during the discount period.If you wish to save your money, please buy again after seeing the 40%off tag.

What should I do if I don't like the game?

You can review your business trips in the Steam comments section and promptly submit a refund application to the Steam customer service.Steam Customer Service will agree to every reasonable refund request.

Gu Zhen works, thank you for your play.So, please take the good game and the next step in life!

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