About Us

Imagine the situation: You come home after a hard day at work or school, hoping to play a good game and relax. However, your favorite game has been fully explored and all the achievements have been received, and you don't really want to play the same game again. It is difficult to search for a new game for yourself, because very often critics overestimate games, while ordinary players give minimum ratings. This is where you get to know our site, where real players leave real reviews about the games they played. It's up to you to decide: compare the reviews of real players and critics, and only then decide whether you should buy this game or not. Unlike many online game stores, we do not try to advertise the game by erasing negative reviews. The opinion of every user is very important to us. No bots! Absolutely all reviews are written by real people who help you to form an opinion about the game. Read reviews, play only good games! And don't forget to share your opinion with us :)